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            Version 4 - Stand-alone Installation & Activation Instructions

            Wordshark 4 and Numbershark 4 - Stand-alone Installation & Activation Instructions

            Version 4 is an old version that is no longer supported by White Space. We have, however, provided some self help information below:


            Important Notes BEFORE starting:

            Check that your details on the Licence Certificate are correct.  
            The same Licence Key is used for all the stated number of activations.  
            Ensure the computer has internet access to activate the licence easily.
            Managing activation via another internet-enabled device is also possible, or if no internet connection is available.
            Retain the Licence Certificate securely for future reference. It will be needed for deactivation.

            C2K schools must follow alternative installation instructions

            Installation:  You must be signed on as the computer administrator (or network administrator if installing onto networked clients), even if it is later to be used by someone who has restricted computer user rights.  

            PC: Insert the USB stick and locate the program setup file.

            Double-click this to run the install wizard. (If using an XP machine and a ”Windows Logo testing” message appears, click ‘Continue Anyway’).

            Mac: Drag and drop the "[Word][Number]shark 4 Stand-alone" folder on the USB stick to the Applications folder. Open the Applications folder and double-click the program (look for the program icon) to launch the program.


            Activation: When installation is complete you will be asked to enter your Licence Key to activate the program. The most common reasons for activation failure include lack of internet access, proxy server issues or a firewall blocking port 80. 


            Offline activation: If activation fails click “Proceed with offline activation” and follow the on-screen instructions. Make a note of the ‘Activation Code’ given and either go to www.wordshark.net/Activate.html on a device with unrestricted internet access, or contact White Space Support to obtain the ‘Response Key’. Enter the Response Key into the boxes provided to activate the program.

            First run:

            1. An adult (not a student) must sign on first to become a program administrator.
            1. Carefully note the administrator password.  It will be needed later to “Add and Manage Students”
            1. Click on the ‘Help’ menu to access the facility to turn on games instructions and to view a list of video tutorials on how to use many of the program’s features.

            Transferring a licence from one computer to another: If you plan to replace or upgrade your computer, or wish to move the program to a different computer, you must first deactivate the licence as it can only be registered on one computer at a time. Failure to deactivate will result in loss of that licence. The licence can then be reactivated.

            This facility may not be available more than 5 years after the date of purchase.

            You can view your activation history at www.wordshark.net/View.html

            Deactivating a licence:

            1.       DO NOT uninstall the program. 

            2.       Ensure that you have internet access to deactivate the licence. 

            3.       Sign on as the program administrator.

            4.       Go to “Admin”/ “Advanced features”.

            5.       Select “Deactivate”.

            6.       If deactivation fails click “Proceed with offline deactivation” and follow the on-screen instructions.

            Updated: 18 Aug 2019 08:12 PM
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