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            Numbershark 5 Changes Since V4

            New educational content:

            1. A course to support the National Curriculum 2014 (England) numeracy KS1 and KS2
            2. Ideal for working through sequentially
            3. New topics including more on place value
            4. Greatly expanded section on worded problems
            5. Teaching notes for every topic - these can draw attention to demos of number operations
            1. Recommended games for every topic—ensuring an easy and effective use of the program
            2. All available games presented under tabs for easy reference

            New features include:

            1. Simple, fast sign on
            2. Easy switch between games and number topics
            3. New screens for easy student management
            4. Tracking students’ progress –using a baseline and re-test
            5. Exporting of records to an Excel format
            6. Ways to bulk add/delete students
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            Updated: 08 Apr 2019 12:28 AM
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